Refreshing Magnesium Smoothie mango summer

Refreshing Magnesium Smoothie to beat the heat!

5 ingredients thick and creamy mango orange banana smoothie is 100% healthy, contains no sugars or artificial sweeteners and only 157 calories per cup. 
1 cup cubed peeled ripe mango
1 small orange tangerine, or clementine, peeled and sliced
1 Scoop of Happy Balance Magnesium Supplement with Vit B6 (Sweetened with Stevia)
1/3 cup yogurt or milk
1 teaspoon honey
5 ice-cubes
Combine all the ingredients in a food processor. Blend for 2 minutes until thick, creamy, and lump free. Check consistency and add more milk if needed. Enjoy!
Calories: 157kcal
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