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How to use Life Balance Magnesium Supplement by Amanda R.

Posted by Sara Vaimberg on

How to use Life Balance Magnesium Supplement by Amanda R.

I have been using Garden of Life's Magnesium powder for a while and when they began to have some quality issues, I started looking around for another source to get a similar quality powder. None of them were working as well as that one had, but let's take a look at this one..



This powder comes in a tall narrow jar like you see. It has a scoop in it. The odor is faint and not at all overwhelming or artificial smelling at all.



ALL magneisum powders tend to leave some sludge in the glass. For that reason, I always use my little personal cordless hands free chargeable POP blender and when I am done, it is perfect. Very little sludge is left in the glass and it is easy to rinse out.



I was ready for this to taste awful. Much to my shock I LOVE it. It is just enough lemon to be pleasant and not so much stevia that I want to recoil. It is really perfect. I love this stuff.



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